Our passion is to create wholesome, flavorful food using exceptional quality ingredients. We hand craft all of our baked goods in our dedicated gluten-free environment. We hope you taste the love and care that goes into each product we create.


WHETHER IT’S A pastry to counteract the cold, cupcakes in the office kitchen or the thematic cookies scattered around your friend’s December get-together, the holidays are synonymous with sweet, seasonal treats. And while desserts may always be tempting, they need not be overly indulgent, especially with Flour Craft Bakery in town...read the full article with the recipe. - Marin Magazine December 2015


GFF Magazine (gffmag.com) has a beautiful profile about us in the Spring 2015 issue. Learn more about our mission and try out recipes for a Whole Meyer Lemon Tart,  our popular Vegan Berry Bars, Mexican Wedding cookies, and a multi-purpose pastry crust. Beautifully photographed by Maren Caruso and edited by Erika Lenkert.

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