Cooking- Thanksgiving Favorites List

We are in full swing at the bakery, staring down hundreds of pie orders. All must be measured and mixed, shaped & baked, decorated, boxed, and organized for pickup by this time next week. Needless to say, we're all a little short on sleep and running on mostly adrenaline (and caffeine) right about now.

The holiday season is our busiest time of year by far but also the most exhilarating. It makes me so happy to share our food with so many of you. Knowing that you'll be sharing the food we make with your families at your holiday tables means the world to me. It really does make all the hard work worthwhile!

Quite simply, I love food! I love to cook and I love to eat. Even after the pie marathon of this month, I am still excited to make a holiday dinner (and pie!) for my family. I thought I'd share a few of my favorite recipes and resources here with you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to share what I love with all of you!!





A few of my Thanksgiving favorites:

Flour Craft Bakery Organic Apple Crumb Pie... Apple pie is the 'hands down' pie of choice for me!

Ina's Turkey Roulade... great for a small group. I don't actually eat turkey but everyone else seems to love this one, and it looks so pretty too. Use Flour Craft herb stuffing mix, of course!

Heidi's Vanilla Mashed Sweet Potatoes... This is the fluffy stuff of dreams! 

Ina's Cranberry Conserve... I actually eat this with yogurt for breakfast all winter... my secret is out!