Affogato... In Celebration of International Coffee Day!

One of the best, simplest uses for a strong cup of espresso that I know of, is Affogato! It really couldn’t be simpler and is hardly even a ‘recipe’, but more of an idea. And, I have never met anyone that doesn’t love it. All you need is a freshly brewed shot of espresso and your favorite vanilla ice cream. And, voila… the perfect afternoon pick-me-up!



Yields 1 serving


1 freshly brewed shot of hot espresso

1 scoop of vanilla ice cream


1- In a pretty, heatproof glass, place 1 scoop of very hard vanilla ice cream. The key here is that it must be really hard, almost too hard to scoop. Otherwise, it will melt to complete liquid when the espresso is poured on top.

2- Pour hot espresso over ice cream. Some will melt, and some will stay in tact. It makes the most delicious mess of coffee and cream, and cold ice cream. Enjoy!